Deep, Derin, 2020
Sound installation. Variable sizes.

Changes in society and culture are an extension of changes in mass communication technologies. This change also changes the way people think and perceive. Today’s communication tools are bombarded on the masses as image, sound and light waves in the form of indicator bombardment. Mass media has been transformed into something that goes on and on with the pluralization of the same indicators in the same system and has no equivalent in a certain reality or social reality that does not represent anything anymore. Masses bombarded with images, sound and light are now like a black mine mass. Jean Baudrillard also reveals how we become a society when he introduces the simulation theory and everything is just images, pointing to the lifelessness of life.
Artist; It aims to make this change process visible by turning the image of “listening to the sounds behind the wall with cups”, which is an example of panopticon, into a tool of criticism. It reproduces slogans that turn into simulations in social movements. In each cup, different slogans are sung in different languages, transforming them into a social movement that whispers from behind the wall.