It reminds us that Hasankeyf and its environs still constitute one of the most important archaeological and architectural sites in Europe and have a rich biodiversity and a history of humanity of 12,000 years. The competent authorities in Turkey Hasankeyf most priceless priceless for two years, visual impact and symbolic value of the highest architectural monuments moved to other places, gigantic retaining walls were built and the newly discovered cave houses were it’s filled with concrete. The Hasankeyf on the banks of the Tigris River was destroyed by dynamites for the construction of the dam, and there was still a folk living in the caves. This demolition is not just for the construction of a dam. It is the historical past and memory of that geography that is intended to be destroyed.
There will be a 15 cm high pool at the corner of the wall in the exhibition area and there will be water in the pool and the projection will then be placed so that it is reflected from the top. The simulation of water moving with the sounds of dynamites used in the destruction of hasankeyf will create movement on the water surface.