Hamza Kırbaş / Art Director / Visual Artist. Graduated from Batman University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department. He continued his education at Silesia University Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department in 2014/2015. He graduated master’s from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute. His artworks; especially in Turkey, were exhibited in many international exhibitions, festivals, and biennials in England, New York, Baja California, Colombia, Malta, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, China, Ecuador, Greece, and Italy. Also received awards on many international platforms.

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Hamza Kirbas

Artist Name: Hamza Kırbaş
Born: 1992
Hometown: Batman, Turkey
Education: B.A. Batman University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Dept. Batman, TUR (2013 -2017) / University of Silesia, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics Dept. Katowice, POL (2015-2016) / M.F.A. Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute, Painting Dept. Ankara, TUR (2017-2019)


Hamza Kırbaş After studying graphic design at the University of Silesia in Poland, he completed a Master’s degree at the Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute in Ankara, Turkey.

Kırbaş’ multi-disciplinary practice encompasses 3D visuals, 3D animations, sculptures, installations, site-specific installations, and augmented reality. His works are conceived and shaped as a communication model between space, time and the audience. He takes subjects from daily life to establish links with the past, future and present. In particular, he transforms the moment we live into images that reflect the global scale and the effects these events have on our lives whereby the viewer is solicited to become an active participant.

Kırbaş has exhibited internationally. Venues include most recently the group show Presence at Cuchifritos Gallery and Project Space (2022, New York); Morrow Collective 50 years of the UAE Virtual Metaverse Exhibition (2021, Dubai); 34th Festival Les Instants Video (2021, Marseille); IN-SONORA 11 International Festival of Sound and Interactive Art (2021, Madrid); Video Art Miden, Meta-Thesis exhibition (2020, Greece); Cuvo Festival ‘Teen Game’ 2020 (2020, Madrid); FILE Festival (2019, São Paulo); 18th WRO Media Art Biennale (2019, Wroclaw); Hyperpossibility at CENTRALE FESTIVAL 11 (2019, Italy); SIMULTAN FESTIVAL XIV. (2019, Romania); 32nd European Media Art Festival (2019, Germany); BIG for the Wrong Biennale (2019, Copenhagen); Under the Subway Video Art Night 8th edition at JCC Harlem (2018, New York); VIDEOFEST2K18 at the International Biennial of Video art and Contemporary Film (2018, California).

1992-Batman / Turkey

Contact Information
Represented on Binance NFT.
Lecturer at Istanbul Medipol University, Faculty of Visual and Communication.

B.A. 2013 -2017 Batman University, Fine Arts faculty, Painting Department. Batman, TUR
2015-2016 University Of Silesia, Faculty Of Fine Arts, Graphics Department. Katowice, POL
M.Ed. 2016-2017 Siirt University, Faculty of Education. Siirt, TUR
M.F.A.2017-2019 Hacettepe University Fine Arts Institute, Painting Dept. Ankara, TUR


Arte Laguna Prize 17th 2022 Finalist artist, Arsenale Nord, Venice IT

Akbank 38. Contemporary Artist Prize, Achievement Prize, Istanbul, TR

Istanbul Rotary Art Prize, Achievement Prize, Istanbul. TR

VeniceLands Art Prize Received the Critics Award, Venice, ITA

By Warsteiner Bloom Award, nominated, Düsseldorf, GER


Artist Residency

2022 (RU) Residency Unlimited, July-Sep, Brooklyn / NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions



Arte Laguna Prize 17th Finalist Artists Exhibition, Arsenale Nord, Venice IT

Meta info: The Rhythm of the Algorithm, Contemporary Istanbul Foundation, Fişekhane, Istanbul, TR

Your Head is a Houseboat, Brooklyn, NYC

Fahrenheit, Belm Art Space, Ankara, TR

NFT Biennial, Xmedia Art Museum, Istanbul, TR



Are we Microcosm, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Morrow Collective

Cadaf  Digital Art Fair, NYC

Xenophopia, Çatı sanat alanı, Izmir, TR

Contemporary Istanbul 17th Edition, Istanbul, TR

New Media: From Sketch to Pixel, Sığınak art space, Ankara, TR

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, Group Exhibition | 88 Essex Street, NYC

A Remembering Experience, Duo exhibition, Hamza Kırbaş & Büşra Çeğil, Kasa Gallery, İstanbul, TR

FILE Festival, SESI Gallery of Art, Sao Paulo, BRA

Akaretler ArtWeeks, Carny NFT, İstanbul, TR

PARALAKS, Digital NFT art exhibition, Museum Gazhane, Istanbul, TR

Loft Art Project ‘’Symbio’’, Istanbul, TR ​

DAC / Design Architecture Communication, Future Zone NFT, Zorlu Performance Art Center, Istanbul,TR

Gravity, Kuzgun Art Space, Adana,TR



Morrow Collective 50 years of the UAE Virtual Metaverse Exhibition, Dubai, UAE

FEX. Online media art exhibition, DE

34th Festival Les Instants Video, Marseille, FR

Criatech – Criatividade Digital e Tecnologia, Augmented Reality Exhibition, Aveiro, AR

Elden Ele, The urban arts, Darağaç İzmir, TR

Eating The Future, BatArtLab, Diyarbakır. TR



Akbank 38. Contemporary Artist Prize, Achievement Prize, Istanbul, TR

Rotary art competition, Achievement award, Istanbul, TR

Video Art Miden, Meta-Thesis, online exhibition, GR

Convocatoria IN-SONORA 11 International Exhibition Interactive Art, Madrid, SP.

Cuvo Festival, ‘Teen Game’ 2020. Madrid, SP



CATECHISM ON AIR, MyMuseum Gallery Budabest, HUN.

BIG for the Wrong Biennale, Copenhagen, DK.

SIMULTAN FESTIVAL XIV.2019 Cornelliu Miklosi Museum Timisoara, RO

32st Festival les Instants Video, Marseille and Milano. FR

Lanzarote Arts Festival Lanzarote, Las Palmas, SP

Videokanava Fem 4 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tampere, Finland.

Palestine Video Art and Performance Biennale A.M. Qattan Foundation, Les Instants Vidéo 2019 6th edition Ramallah and Gaza.

Photometria, Screenings, Festival Municipal Cultural multiplex (Palea Sfagia) of Ioannina, GR

II Muestra de Video Arte Faenza, Fin de Semana de semana ArtBo. Bogotá, CO

CENTRALE FESTIVAL 11, Hyperpossibility, Rocca Malatestiana di Fano, ITA

Digigether, Uniq Gallery, Istanbul. TUR

VeniceLands ArtPrize 2019, Critics  Award, Venice, ITA

Biennale WRO 18th Media Art Biennale 2019, Wroclaw, POL

FILE 2019, SESI Gallery of Art, Sao Paulo, BRA

32nd European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Osnabrück, GER

Mamut art Project MAP19, Istanbul, TUR

Video Art Miden: Videolands, MOMus- Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki GR

VIDEOperformance 2019, Art Web Gallery, 8th edition, ITA



Blooom Award By Warsteiner 2018 Nominee, Düsseldorf, GER

31st Festival Les Instants Video, November, Marseille, FR

Under The Subway Video Art Night 8th edition, JCC HARLEM, New York, USA

Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, SP

Verbeke Foundation, BEL

Galeria Taller Gorria, La Havana, CUB

Cervantes Institute, Sao Paulo, BRA

Funka Fest, Festival of Visual Arts, Guayaquil, EC

International Biennial of Video Art and Contemporary Film VIDEOFEST2K18, Instituto de Cultura de Baja California

Video art Miden International video art festival screening program, Athens, GR

Digilogue Future Tellers 2018, Base İstanbul, TUR

International Mahalla Festival, Malta

State Painting And Sculpture Competition, Ankara, TUR

There’s No Other Me, Municipality of Çankaya, Contemporary art center. Ankara, TUR

Over And Over Mixer Art Gallery, Istanbul, TUR

Young contemporary art exhibition, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, CHN

Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Fine Arts 4. The contemporary art project, Ankara, TUR

#Art&I, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapeşt, HUN

Mixer Sessions III Mixer Art Gallery, Istanbul, TUR

Bang. Art Innovation Prix, Istanbul, TUR



W: OW Cologne International Video art Festival, The New Museum of Networked & artvideoKOELN, Köln, GER

Chrom-Art International Art Festival Oxo Tower, London, UK

Elgiz Museum, Istanbul Rotary art competition and Exhibition, Istanbul, TUR

TUYAP 27th International Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, TUR

BASE of the Faculty of Fine Arts alumni exhibition, Istanbul, TUR

Young art from Anatolia lll – new horizons, Turkmall Art Gallery, Istanbul, TUR

International Student Triennial Marmara University Fine Arts faculty, Istanbul, TUR

GTZ Art Exhibition, Young Turkey Summit, Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center, Istanbul, TUR

Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Fine Arts young art 3.Contemporary art project exhibition, Ankara TUR

UPSD. Activity 7 young, Exhibition, MKM Beşiktaş Çağdaş, Istanbul, TUR

BatArtLab: Young Activity, Young Artist of the Year, Batman, TUR


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022   Powerism, Performance, Art Basel Miami, Miami

2022   The Pinocchio Syndrome: They are among us / Performance | in the public space, NYC

2022   Powerism, Performance in the public space, Governors Island, NYC

2019   Area of Powerism, Alan İktidarcılığı, Public Places Performance, İstanbul. TUR

2019   Suspended, Askıda Kalanlar, BILSART Istanbul. TUR

2017   Silent Lingua Franca, Batman University Fine Arts faculty Art Gallery. Batman, TUR

2016   Unlimited Faces, Silesia University Art Gallery, Katowice, Cieszyn, POL


Selected workshop

2019 Digigether, Workshop, Uniq Gallery, TAK, Istanbul.

2018 Digilogue Future Tellers, Zorlu Arts Center, Istanbul.

Selected Publications

2020 Social Art Award Book, Berlin, GR.

2018 Lungs Project Artist-run curatorial Project with an annual contemporary art & literature print publication. October, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2017 Loosenart Open Boundaries, Book Publication, Rome, ITA

2017 Average art magazin Average Art 16 November, Liverpool, UK