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How to Turn a Closet into an Office DIY

“I was lucky enough to have an outlet in the pre-existing closet, but you could always use battery-operated lighting or an extension cord, if there’s an outlet nearby,” she says. In Allard’s home, this small closet is actually within a bigger closet designed by California Closets’ Kate Kim. “Kate really loved my idea of turning the small closet into a vanity space and brought it to life by adding the desk and overhead shelving,” she explains. “From there, we lucked out and found the IKEA Kallax bookshelf was the perfect fit as a bench,” she adds. Wood elements like a floating shelf and a bench topper completed the project.

  • By using wooden braces attached to the wall, you have a much more laterally stable desktop than you do with using metal brackets.
  • Have a spare bedroom you want to use for guests but as an office as well?
  • Pegboards are another fun and creative way to create more space.
  • If you have a spare or unused closet, why don’t you turn it into a practical office?
  • In this design by Mendelson Group, a closet is repurposed as a cozy and inviting workspace, with a colorful rug, comfortable seating, and plenty of natural light.
  • Building built in shelves in a closet is a great way to maximize storage space in your home.

Next, purchase furniture that fits the measurements of the closet. If the closet is large enough, you can go for a loveseat, chair, and a small coffee table. Turning a closet into a sitting area is a great way to repurpose and add converting closet to office personality to a room. Depending on the size of the closet, it can be turned into a comfortable seating area or a relaxing reading nook. So, I like to use a faux stain technique that I have used on dozens of furniture projects.

Step 2: Create Desk Mount Points

Or look for small pegboards to affix small shelves for pens and pencils, chargers, or paintbrushes and free up precious real estate on the surface of your desk. With wall-mounted storage, you don’t need much more than a lamp, laptop, and a few essentials on top of the desk. Desktop monitors are notoriously bulky, especially widescreen ones.

Nearly two years into the pandemic, it’s time to stop working at the kitchen table and start designing your dream office. If you’re anything like Katelyn Richardson or Kookie Jackson, all you need is an extra coat closet to make it a reality. “I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says. But if you have nothing that you need to put in them, they can certainly feel like a waste of space.

Get some wireless puck lights

Make it cozy for your guests by adding a space for bedside lighting and reading. Good lighting is essential for a productive workspace, so consider installing new light fixtures to brighten up a dim closet. Above your desk, an existing bare bulb can be replaced with a more attractive multibulb fixture, suggests Delap. Table lamps and wall-mounted sconces provide easy solutions you can plug in. For a luxe touch, hang an ornate chandelier or pendant fixture to make a bold statement overhead. Enlist different types of storage to organize paperwork, office supplies, and other essentials.

You always want to choose a desk for your closet office based on the tasks you need to do. Once the framing and insulation is complete, a building inspector should come and inspect the structure to confirm that all the construction was done properly. After the inspection, you can begin adding the finishing touches such as drywall, paint, trim and other decorations. Dust naturally accumulates everywhere over time, and closets are no exception.

Closet office

If you’re currently rocking a one-bedroom apartmentor your kid needs a study space for back to “school,” then you know that having extra office space can seem like a luxury. If you’re stuck wading through work space to find your dinner, it’s time to get creative. For a clutter-free closet office, search for a seamless desk with drawers.

  • Closets aren’t known for being bright, naturally lit, or sun-drenched.
  • Another option is to use tension rods to provide support for the shelf.
  • 1 Long Nail  – The nail should be 2-3 inches to mark where to put the drywall anchors.
  • You can choose between sliding doors and traditional hinged doors in order to create the desired look.

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